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ASPLU Election results tomorrow

by Brooke Wolfe, Staff Writer Official results for the  the 2015-2016 President and Vice President of the Associated Students of Pacific Lutheran University (ASPLU) will come out tomorrow. All current students were invited to cast their vote online for the next year’s representation. Votes were cast for Devin Harrison and Martha Spieker for ASPLU President along with Ellie Lapp and Ashley Connors for Vice President. Two of the four will be chosen to represent the study body in front of faculty, alumni and the community. Once the votes are tallied, April 1st will be their first day in office....

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What is HUMP?

BROOKE THAMES A&E Writer ASPLU sponsored program, H.U.M.P., is turning “Hump Day” into fun day one weekly event at a time. The title of the student-run club, H.U.M.P., is an acronym for “Highly Unstructured Mid-Week Procrastination”. The core of H.U.M.P.’s mission is to provide a space for students to relax and get away from the everyday stresses of college life. “We think that, often, college students get too caught up in a busy schedule and forget the fun side of things,” H.U.M.P. Coordinator junior Domenic Desoto said. From 9-10 p.m. Wednesday nights, H.U.M.P. hosts events...

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On the same team, giving the best to PLU athletes

Health Center pic

Brooke Wolfe, Staff Writer The Health Center, under new leadership, aims to continue protecting and providing for athletes throughout the spring. Coinciding with the American College of Sports Medicine requirements, the Health Center assures that students are ready for the rigorous competition of collegiate sports. Sports physicals are free for students. The appointments are covered by the Wellness...

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Don’t avoid spring break at home, embrace it


By Ashley Gill, Opinion Editor In college, many see Spring Break as a time for parties, sunshine and hanging out with friends. For others, it is a break from the semester spent vegging out at their parents’ house and embracing the time at home. Which is what I plan on doing. Every Spring Break in the past, I had elaborate plans to go with my friends on a road trip, to the beach or even going...