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Gen Ed Requirements

by Samantha Lund - 24 October 2014

by Genny Boots, Guest Writer It’s not uncommon to hear the quiet grumbling of a senior on their way to their physical education class or overhear a rant about a religion reading from a group of students at Old Main Market. Even cries of desperation fill the dorms as students struggle through their general...

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PLU Presents: Green Hills Alone

Brooke Thames, Guest Writer Green Hills Alone, an up-and-coming musical artist based out of Portland, Ore., is coming to Pacific Lutheran University for the third time on Oct. 30. Chris Miller, aka Green Hills Alone, has formed a lifestyle out of creating and sharing music. Music struck a chord with Miller when he was a child, when he began playing the piano and violin. In high school, he switched over to the guitar and began playing in bands with friends. “I was one of those [musical] kids,” Miller said. Miller has since transformed into solo artist Green Hills Alone. His decision to continue...

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Fall Career Fair: not just a meet and greet

Cartoon Courtesy of Reporter Online. Cartoon by Kory Merritt.

by Natalie DeFord, News Writer Walking into a job fair at Pacific Lutheran University is like walking into a rainbow. Booths of all colors and assortments surround students and offer them free candy and swag. Perhaps even a future career could be this rainbow’s pot of gold. More than 130 students attended last week’s Fall Career Fair in the Chris Knutzen Hall Wednesday Oct. 15, but free items...

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POLL: Electronic Cigarettes


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Familiar foe batters Lutes in Homecoming game


After his third interception of the day, quarterback Dalton Ritchey hung his head in sorrow. Ritchey has not had a illustrious career against Linfield; he has been responsible for 15 turnovers against the Wildcats in their past four matchups. Pacific Lutheran University’s poor offensive execution resulted in just 202 yards as the Lutes lost 41-14 to the Wildcats. The Lutes lost for the 15th consecutive...