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PLU Welcomes new Vice President of Finance and Administration

VP Finance

Pacific Lutheran University welcomed new Vice President of Finance and Administration, Allan Belton to campus last week. Belton is an accomplished business and community leader with exceptional integrity and deep expertise in financial management, business operations and governance, strategic planning, project and performance measurement, and human resources management. “Allan brings a distinguished...

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Tuesday Tunes: Procrastination Station

tuesday tunes

The school year is winding down and Spring Fever is spreading like wildfire. When there’s sun to soak, frisbees to throw, and fun to have, studying is the last thing on anyone’s mind. What better way to procrastinate than dancing your way to summer with this playlist of pop picks? Hint: there isn’t one. Procrastination Station: “I Really Like You” – Carly Rae Jepsen from I Really...

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Athletes and alcohol

Stephanie Compton, Guest Writer Dry Season. It refers to the time in a team’s competitive season where the athletes are not allowed to be around or drink alcoholic beverages. “For the volleyball team, dry season means you are not to be anywhere that alcohol can even be a factor in the situation,” said sophomore volleyball player Cara Gillespie. “For many teams the dry season rules are for everyone, even the over-21 upperclassmen.” If you talk to any team on a college campus, the subject of the dry season is a major one. It can be a decision made by the coach, but it can also be left...

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A leadership of many: What I learned this year


The Mast has a tradition of the graduating seniors writing good-bye letters to the school, and it is a bitter-sweet feeling for me now that it is my turn. My time at The Mast began as a News Writer. When the paper needed a Copy Editor, I eagerly accepted the offer the then Editor-in-Chief, Jessica Trondsen, gave me. Jessica quickly became my friend and mentor, both of us going out with the current...